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How to Craft an Expository Essay? Tips, Structure and Examples
I guess you all know all about the simple types of essays so now it's time to move on to something a bit more fun…
That's right, an expository essay.
So, let's begin by asking what an expository essay is? If you are a new essay writer then you might not know much about an expository essay. But I can help you get familiarized with it.
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You can think of this essay as the one in which you do a bit of exploring. You take a point, you explore it, you gather evidence and then you create an argument.
Then you will just have to defend your point of view. Easy? Well, it can be a bit tough.
This is why I am here to talk about the structure of an expository essay. Here it is…
Well, it's nothing special. When I am supposed to write my essay on an expository essay, I use the structure of a normal essay. This means that I use the basic five paragraph structure.
This includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Of course, you can increase the number of body paragraphs, if you want but each body paragraph must contain a different point. You can just randomly create as many paragraphs as you want.
And also, your body paragraphs need to be of the same length. That’s it.
Now onto tips…
There are a few tips that you will need if you are to write this type of an essay.
Tip #1: Use the Intro Well
Most people use the introduction to just give the basic information about the topic but that is too boring.
Yes, an introduction should give the basic information BUT at the same time, this should be done in a way that makes the topic interesting. This is usually done by including an interesting hook in the intro. If you do not understand how to do it, then you can take help from your friend or from an online essay writing service.
This makes the intro a bit interesting and automatically catches the interest of the reader.
Example: The Buddha was a prince before he was a hero.
Tip #2: Topic Sentences
This is the sentence that is at the beginning of your body paragraph. This sentence tells the reader what the paragraph is about.
It's a one-line summary so it needs to be interesting too. If you have ever had your paper written from then you must know it is done. What they do is that they give you not all but some important information about the paper.
Example: First of all, it is important to discuss the theme of power in Citizen Kane.
Tip #3: Presentation of Evidence
Super important.
Sure, evidence matters but the way in which you present it matters more. Like, if you just make a random statement and don’t even use quotes then no one will believe you.
You should follow a proper format here. This format includes a lot of details but basically you should start with the topic sentence, then move on towards the evidence and end this with a transition sentence.
Like so...
Example: [topic sentence] [information] [evidence] [citation] [explanation] [transition sentence].
Tip #4: Sandwich
Use the sandwich rule… but before that, use quotes.
And if you need to use quotes then use the sandwich rule. According to this rule, you must introduce your quote in a sentence, then mention who has said this quote. After this, use the quote in quotation marks.
Then comes the explanation of the quote. Get it? Like this…
Example: [evidence] = [introduce quote in one sentence]. According to [author name], “[quote]”. [explanation].
Tip #5: Solid Evidence
This means that the content of the evidence that you present, or the quote that you use, MUST be substantial.
You cannot just include anything that relates to your topic. You have to include the things that make a difference. Like include a quote from research that makes a point.
Include stats to prove that you are right. Don’t just fill the word count. Make your evidence count.
Example: 80% of the people in the survey said that vaccines work.
Tip #6: Solid Sources
This means that the source you include MUST, must be credible. What are credible sources though?
Lemme tell you.
These are the types of sources that you know you can trust. Like a news website. Or the websites that end with “.gov” which shows that they are official government websites.
Sources like Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International can also be trusted.
Example: According to the United Nations, 60% of the females in the world have suffered from domestic violence.
Tip #7: Body Paras
There is a method to write body paragraphs and divide them. It's the division that matters the most. Like if you want to talk about the things that cause global warming then you need to make a list of these things.
Then you will choose the three most important things on the list. These will be your body paragraphs. So, for global warming, you can talk about the use of fossil fuels, the depletion of the ozone layer, and cutting down forests.
Example: Climate change results in global warming, rising sea levels, and droughts.
So, now you get it…
Well, now you can easily write an expository essay. Isn’t that great?
And if you are facing trouble then I have a cure for that as well. You just got to contact an essay writing website and they will handle it all for you. They have expert writers who can cater to all your problems.
So, what are you waiting for, go and ask around about the best writing website and place an order immediately?
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